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Emily Blincoe: Color-coded photography

We’ve already featured talented Austin-based photographer Emily Blincoe a couple of times on iGNANT. Her output is amazingly creative and never fails to make us smile. Emily is probably best known for her color-coded arrangements.

For her latest works she collected color permutation of tomatoes, oranges, eggs, ice cream and leaves and sorted them into groups and gradients for each image


people who talk during acoustic sets are my least favorite kind of people

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Always on repeat

honestly this song makes me feel things

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Sculptor Ted Lawson evokes darkness, death, and the sublime with “CRUDE” and Death of Narrative

at Emannuel Fremin Gallery

A Brooklyn-based artist and a native of Boston, MA, Ted Lawson studied sculpture at the Philadelphia University of the Arts. His works combine the newest digital technology with the skills of a traditional sculptor, embodying his artistic vision centered on the connection between eroticism, geometry, and death.

Death of Narrative: Cast Resin- 144″x72″x24″ – 2013
CRUDE: Cast Resin, found objects, steel – 2013

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Christoph Bader: Intricate Digital Art

on Behance, Flickr , Graphicine

Unique and eye-catching, art can come in many different variations and designs, giving us, the viewer, a wide range of unique allure. Well today we get a look at the work of German designer Christoph Bader, who created some astonishing and eye-catching pieces, which boast shapes and patterns, resulting in artwork that look anything but digital.

The collection, Limm, was done on a computer, making things even more interesting, taking on a look of elaborate and amazing, intricate string work that makes for some busy and brilliant work.

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Rebecca Stevenson: Bambarella

Bambarella 2007
polyester resin and wax
85 x 63 x 55 cm

Luxe Vert 2008
polyester resin and wax
80 x 65 x 35 cm


"Ano Ang Silbi Ng Alaala" acrylic on vinyl, 2014.

For VinylonVinyl Art’s inaugural show Extended Play. Come drop by to see the other pieces by idols and masters (@krisabrigo , @dexfernandez , @soler , @lastcigarettes, @iamleeromeo , @ewws , @shardula , @art_of_may, and more!).